“UNGUARDED” The movie profile;

The ‘Unguarded’ movie was based on a well scripted content featuring people from all race/nationality. It was shot in 2010 by experienced cinematographers with Red2 cameras and other high technical equipment with setting in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, “Unguarded” production lasted for about 30 days

Movie Synopsis


Elvin, an apparent successor to Software Solutions, a multi-million dollar company, is dropped into the deep end after he found out that his undeniably clever, manipulative fiancée, Natasha, has been sleeping with his father.

Out of his despair, he convinced himself that every woman is despicable and resolves to take his own pound of flesh against women from every continent. With his warm, charming personality, Elvin craftily weaves his way through these women’s heart and successfully stands each of them up at the altar

In other to get to his last victim, an African journalist, Jane, Elvin takes up a job as a cleaner in Cool’s magazine company, same company Jane works for. Somehow a genuine romantic entanglement ensues between them. Caught in the heat of the moment, Elvin proposes to Jane. His proposal triggers sudden unexpected visits and calls that sew a seed of skepticism in Jane’s mind. Undeterred by the circumstance, Elvin insists on winning Jane over even if he has to undergo personality transformation

“Unguarded” is an epic tale of love and revenge. A movie that serves as a perfect antidote for any down days you might feel